10 Infusions to Cleanse the Body

· April 26, 2015

Normally our body stores toxins which are produced by living cells or organisms such as animals, bacteria and other biological organisms. These toxins have the ability to cause both mild and serious illnesses.

There are two types of toxins: the exogenous toxins that get in our body while breathing, as in the case of contamination, through the skin, and through the digestive tract; and the endogenous toxins that are produced by the same body, due to intestinal bacteria, free radicals, parasites, or also due to stress and anxiety.

It is necessary to eliminate toxins in order to maintain good health. Our own body is responsible for getting rid of them, but in some cases it is not enough. Having excess toxins may cause significant fatigue, stress, and allergies. Fortunately, there are many plants that will assist you in the elimination process. In this article, we will list ten plants that you can use to make natural infusions to cleanse the body and how to prepare them.


Mistletoe is a purifying plant that eliminates toxins and increases the production of urine. Boil one liter of water and add two leaves in it. After boiling, pour it through the strainer and let it rest before drinking it. If you find it very bitter, you can sweeten it with a bit of honey.


artichoke for losing weight

Artichoke assists in renal elimination and digestive function. Is one of the best plants that help in the process of purification, that’s why it is also recommended for overweight people.This plant is also recommended for diabetics, since it contains inulin instead of starch. It is also hypoglycemic, reducing the excess of sugar in the blood.

To prepare it, pour a glass of water into a container together with 3 leaves, boil for a few minutes, take out the leaves or pour it through a strainer, let it cool slightly and drink it. Do it every day for your body to benefit from the properties of this plant.

Green tea

The properties of green tea are endless, but as we know the main property is its diuretic action and its effectiveness in reducing cholesterol levels. Put 3 leaves in a cup of boiled water, let it rest and drink it.


blueberry infusion

The blueberry infusion, although we don’t talk about a plant, is really effective, since it helps to reduce fluid retention. It is recommended to be consumed by people who suffer from urinary tract infections such as cystitis.


Although this is not actually a plant, undoubtedly its infusion is ideal for stimulating digestion and decreasing appetite, therefore it helps with weight loss. Add a few slices of a grapefruit and boil them in water, remove the wedges and drink the infusion.



Thyme helps cleanse the body and improve the digestive system, if you suffer severe menstrual cramps it is also a great ally against them. It is also used to reduce cellulite and in weight loss. Take a spoon of dried plant and add it in boiling water, let the infusion rest and drink it.


Fennel is doing wonders in cleansing the kidneys and in being an excellent diuretic plant. Boil stalks and leaves in water, pour it through the strainer and drink it.



Dandelion helps purify the liver and accelerate the digestive system. Add a tablespoon of dandelion in a cup of boiling water, let it rest and before drinking it, pour it through the strainer.


It is ideal for accelerating the elimination of liquid. In a liter of water add two tablespoons of leaves and simmer for five minutes. Take out the plants with a strainer and drink constantly throughout the day.


celery shake

Because it has cleansing properties, celery is an ally in eliminating impurities and toxins. It also aids in weight loss and cleanses the liver. Prepare an infusion by boiling a few stalks in a liter of water. Drink constantly throughout the day.


Most of these plants can be find in the supermarket. Also, most of the infusions listed above help with weight loss, but they need to be accompanied by a balanced diet. If you are pregnant is better do not drink these beverages and although some of them are to be consumed constantly, do not abuse of them, because, in excess, they can have a laxative effect.