10 Habits to Give Up to be Happy

· January 12, 2016
You can’t please everybody, so stop wondering what people will say, forget about your bad experiences in the past, and focus on the here and now. Believe in your ability to accomplish what you set out to achieve.

Everyone knows that it’s impossible to be happy 100% of the time, and there are certain situations when sadness is unavoidable. But often, you might find yourself feeling blue when you know that your happiness is all a matter of choice.

The trappings of our modern lifestyle, with its customs, limits, fears, and challenges can get in the way of our feeling happy. But even at its worst, it’s important to remember that life always gives you some reason to be grateful and to feel those reassuring emotions that give the darkest of days some meaning. All you need to do to enjoy them is give up some bad habits that are keeping you from feeling truly happy.

Here we’ll list 10 habits you need to kick in order to start living a happy life.

Stop worrying about what people say

This might be hard for you, because humans are social creatures by nature and afraid of rejection. But constantly trying to please others and worrying about what they think of us is a waste of time and energy. And remember that what others think about you isn’t any of your business in the first place!

Remember that you’re not always right


Everybody likes to be right, and sometimes you’re quite certain that you are. But you’re not always going to be right, and the wise thing to do is just accept it when you’re wrong. People who constantly insist on being in the right usually have dramatic relationships and suffer from more stress, and that affects everyone around them.

Don’t worry so much

One thing is certain in life: you’re going to experience problems like stress, anxiety, and even depression. But is it worth expending your energies thinking about things you don’t want to happen? Sure, some problems are inevitable, but worrying about them isn’t a solution. Learn to take those things in stride, and adopt the attitude that everything in life happens for a reason.

Say goodbye to insecurity


There’s no one else in the world who thinks just like you, or has your same qualities. So stop comparing yourself to others, trust in your talents and your ability to accomplish anything that you set your mind to. If someone says something negative about you, ignore them and just keep on doing things your way.

Let go of your need to be in control

Relinquish that feeling that you want to control everything that’s happening around you. Try to remember that things happen the way they’re going to happen, that everything is as it should be, and all you need to worry about is you. Let go of the things that trigger that desire to control in you, and you’ll find you instantly feel happier.

Leave your past behind


Everyone has bad experiences and old traumas that can still be painful even today. Think of it this way: every part of your life has been a lesson, and you need to learn to grow stronger from your injuries and pain.

Money can’t buy you happiness

If you’re working overtime to make more money, you might be doing it for the wrong reasons. If you believe you need money to be truly happy, it can actually keep you from enjoying true happiness.

Sure, money is important for your life and there are lots of things you can buy that you’ll enjoy… but it’s not worth spending your time trying to make more and more money while ignoring the fact that true happiness is found in your love for family and friends.

Try to complain less, and look for solutions instead


Stop complaining about your day-to-day life, job, family, partner, or just the world in general. If you’re unhappy with something, find a way to fix it, or learn to walk away.

Don’t let fear paralyze you

It’s normal to be afraid, and at certain points in your life you’ll have feelings of fear. But you can’t your fear keep you from doing the things you want to do, or from taking advantage of opportunities when they present themselves. It’s better to take risks, and let your fears spur you on and give you strength.

Release your anger and pride

Anger and pride are two emotions that can make you a bitter person, damaging your relationships and making you unhappy. Let forgiveness fill your heart and free yourself from those negative emotions that are keeping you from true happiness.