10 Great Alternative Uses of Lip Balm

· March 25, 2017
Did you know that lip balm can be used for much more than just moisturizing your lips? Learn about 10 great alternative uses of lip balm. You'll love them!

Lip balm is a very popular cosmetic product that we usually use to moisturize and protect the delicate skin of our lips.

Most women use it as part of their beauty routine. In fact, many always have it on hand to apply several times throughout the day.

However,  lip balm is far more than just a beauty product. There are also other many other uses which take advantage of its texture and composition.

In today’s article, we want to highlight the 10 most interesting alternative uses of this product so you can try them out.

You’ll love these new discoveries!

1. It prevents and cures foot blisters

Blisters are skin lesions that are caused by friction with footwear or aggressive materials.

They’re quite painful and can become infected when the necessary steps are not taken to speed up the recovery of the skin.

Luckily, we can take advantage of the antibacterial and protective compounds contained in lip balm and apply it on the affected area to avoid these complications.

In addition, you can use lip balm before wearing uncomfortable footwear to prevent friction between the skin and the shoe,  since it has an oily texture.

2. Lip balm protects the skin on our face

The antibacterial and protective compounds contained in this beauty product can be used as an alternative to prevent sun damage on the face.

Although it doesn’t protect our skin as well as sunscreen does, you can use it when the latter product is not at hand.

Simply massage it all over your face using gentle circular motions, and wait for its compounds to absorb well.

3. It alleviates scratches and superficial lesions


Thanks to its moisturizing, antibacterial and soothing properties, lip balm is a good remedy to heal superficial scratches on the skin.

Applying a small amount of this product on the affected area will nourish your skin cells and accelerate the healing process.

In fact, lip balm exerts an interesting, anti-inflammatory effect that can even be useful for treating mosquito bites.

4. Lip balm covers up scratches on footwear

A small amount of lip balm can improve the appearance of your shoes, disguise scratches and give them a brighter appearance.

You can even rub this product on other leather items that tend to look opaque and deteriorated after a certain time has passed.

5. It lubricates zippers


The oily compounds contained lip balm can be used to lubricate jammed zippers and other metallic elements.

Simply rub it over the jammed object and leave it on for a few minutes until it weakens.

6. It combats hair frizz

If you apply a little balm on your brush, you can say goodbye to frizzy hair.

Its moisturizing compounds are absorbed in the hair strands, enhancing their natural moisture and preventing them from becoming messing when they come in contact with the air.

7. Lip balm helps to get perfect eyebrows


Our eyebrows can become rebellious and look disheveled and even dry.

To make your eyebrows look perfect, rub a little lip balm on them and spread it with a small brush.

8. It protects and softens cuticles

The moisturizing, protective and antibacterial compounds in lip balm are an alternative option for protecting your cuticles.

Using it directly in this area helps eliminate dead skin and softens the hardness that prevents the correct absorption of nutrients.

As a result, your cuticles will feel pleasantly soft and this will also will shield them from fungi and bacteria.

9. Lip balm can be used as a container


You can reuse empty lip balm containers to store other products such as toothpaste, wax, and Vaseline.

You just have to remove any remaining lip balm and then pour in the desired product.

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10. It helps fix makeup

Finally, applying a little bit of this product on your skin before applying makeup creates a protective effect against aggressive chemicals. It also improves the cosmetics that are used to highlight the features of your face.

Its creamy texture helps to achieve a more professional finish when wearing eye shadow and blush.

Did you already know about these great alternative uses of lip balm? Now that you know how useful it is for other tasks, try it out!