10 Foods to Avoid Before Bed

11 December, 2019
Are you craving a little snack before you go to bed? Now that you know what foods to avoid, try opting for foods and beverages that will help you fall asleep instead.

From time to time, you might experience mild hunger pangs before going to bed.

It’s normal to have a little craving at this time, even if you’ve just had dinner a few hours ago. The problem is that you might pick the wrong food for this time of the day.

In this article, you’ll learn about 10 foods to avoid before bed.

Eating the wrong foods before bed can interfere with your metabolic activity and cause you to gain weight or develop other disorders.

For this reason, it’s important that you adopt healthy eating habits and – above all – limit your consumption of these 10 foods that can be harmful at bedtime.

Find out what they are!


Butter can be used in many recipes, but thanks to its high saturated fat content, it’s not a good idea to consume it before bed.

In general, you should consume butter in moderate amounts, but if you eat it at night it can also cause digestive problems.

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Most people accept that it’s “harmless” to eat a little candy during the day. The problem with having candy at night, however, is that the high sugar and chemical content can affect your quality of sleep.

Some of these compounds stimulate the activity of your nervous system and put your brain into a state of alert that prevents you from going to sleep. In fact, some argue that eating candy before bed even increases your chance of suffering from nightmares.

3-Ice cream

Foods to Avoid Before Bed
It’s a bad idea to cure your nighttime cravings with a bowl of ice cream. This dessert contains fats, sugars, and other added compounds that alter your metabolism and affect your nervous system activity.

Eating ice cream can slow down your digestion and lead to pain and inflammation.

4-Spicy foods

Spices add a little flavor to many dishes. In spite of this, however, you shouldn’t eat them at night because they alter the stomach’s production of acids.

Consuming spicy foods before going to bed can lead to acid reflux and stomach pain. Some of them also contain many calories and can cause you to gain weight.


Although they usually look fresh and appetizing, sausages are full of fats and chemical compounds that aren’t good for your body.

In general, you should limit your consumption of sausage to maintain a healthy body weight. When you eat this food at night, it leads to heavy digestion and a slower metabolism.


The problem with eating cheese before going to bed is that it contains an amino acid known as tyramine that decreases your production of hormones that regulate sleep.

Don’t eat it on its own or in other dishes. This is a heavy food that’s rich in fat, which can cause inflammation and stomach problems.


Bread and other pastries might look like great options to fight those hunger cravings. You shouldn’t eat them before bedtime, however, because they pack a lot of unnecessary calories.

Flour and sugar in commercial pastries negatively impact your metabolism and increase your risk of being overweight and having blood sugar problems.


Having one little serving of chocolate a day can have many benefits. This food is full of antioxidants and amino acids that improve your physical and mental health.

It’s a bad idea to eat it at night, however, because some of the ingredients in chocolate bars are stimulants that prevent good sleep.

9-Red meat

Red meat
Red meat contains protein and saturated fat that slow the work of your digestive system during rest.

While red meat can have beneficial nutrition when consumed in moderation, it’s best to avoid eating it at night to keep from interrupting your sleep.


Coffee and other beverages that contain caffeine should be avoided at this time of day. While they can provide feelings of alertness and well being in small doses, this is counterproductive at night.

Once you drink a cup of coffee, it can keep you awake for several hours.

Are you craving a little snack before you go to bed? Now that you know what foods to avoid, try opting for foods and beverages that will help you fall asleep instead.

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