10 Foods that Make You Age Faster

· September 1, 2015
You may think you're cutting down on some calories and helping your body slim down by eating synthetic sugars, but they actually stimulate your appetite and cravings, and essentially add to the problem.

If you’re looking to eat healthy and take care of your body, then it’s important to keep in mind that the best way is with a nutritious and well thought-out diet. What you put into your body matters. And some foods can actually impede your muscles and organs from performing as they’re meant to, meaning that you’ll feel the pinch in your everyday activities.

“You are what you eat.” It’s not just an old adage. What you consume really does make a difference in your overall health and everyday life. Your diet should be nutritious and balanced, and exclude all those tempting treats that are toxic and harmful. In this article, we’ll talk about certain foods that make you age faster.

Food that take years off your life

We all have those little treats we think help us get through life but in reality are only causing harm and can end up taking years off your life. Put the silverware down and read on to find out which foods make you age faster, and which ones are just plain unhealthy or can actually cause your body’s normal functions to slow down.

Mixed meats

Ham, sausage, hot dogs, salami: These mixed luncheon meats often contain high concentrations of fat, especially saturated fats. Foods that contain more than 1.5 grams of saturated fat in a 100 gram serving are a huge health risk, as they can increase your risk of cardiovascular diseases, obesity, excess weight and strokes. And, what you didn’t know is that these foods often contain a huge amount of nitrates which, when consumed regularly, can act as a carcinogenic. Don’t forget about the high sodium content which can lead to heart disease and increase blood pressure.

Sweetened drinkscoke1

Drinks that contain a high concentration of added sugar contribute to excess weight and the development of diabetes. While sugar is an essential component for your body’s functions, excess amounts like those found in sweetened drinks can have negative effects on your health and even affect the performance of your organs and essential body systems.

French fries

Chock full of saturated fats, trans fats and cholesterol, french fries, while tasty are a bad choice for a healthy life. For every 100 grams, a serving of fries contains around 500 calories, meaning that while you’re satisfying your craving and having a few you may be inching your way towards obesity or excess weight.

Pizza and hamburgers


What’s a few slices on  Friday night or a grilled burger over the weekend? How about excess amounts of  saturated fats, sodium and sugars? Pizza and hamburgers, consumed regularly by the whole world are actually a poor choice in foods as they lack nutrition and increase your health risks.

Ice cream

Tasty and refreshing they may be, but ice cream is made of saturated fats, trans fats, sugars and cholesterol. It’s almost unnecessary for us to mention the amount of calories that ice cream contains, but let’s face it: it may be a great comfort food but in the end, ice cream is an unhealthy choice in food.



You know they’re made of sugar, right? That fleeting satisfaction has long lasting effects. Sweets, such as your favorite candy, contain high amounts of sugar that can increase your risk of diabetes, obesity and can make your body resistant to insulin.


While your body needs salt to function correctly, the salt used in cooking and contained in the foods you consume daily doesn’t pass muster. Commercial salts contain complex chemicals that can be toxic to your body and eating a diet high in salts can result in water or liquid retention and unhealthy muscular deposits. The recommended daily dose of salt is 6 grams.

Artificial sweetenerssplenda

Artificial sweeteners boost your appetite by acting as stimulants. This means that while you’re trying to be smart about your diet, that artificial sweetener is prodding you to eat more, increasing your risk of consuming unhealthy foods such as excess sugars and fats.

Red meat

That’s right, you shouldn’t be eating a steak every night for dinner. A balanced diet includes red meats, but it’s recommended that you limit your intake. Red meat has high concentrations of saturated fats which are bad for your heart. Your body is slow to digest red meats, meaning your body uses essential energy to try and break it down which is ultimately not ideal for those trying to burn off weight.

Refined carbohydrates

Processed foods have typically lost all of their nutritional value and when eaten can actually contribute to the consumption of unhealthy compounds. Cereals for example, can be a healthy addition to your diet when consumed as organic or unaltered, but processed cereals have lost nearly all of their nutritional value on the road to packaging. Consuming refined carbohydrates can lead to high blood sugar levels and the retention of fats by your body.

Things to remember

For a healthy and long-lived life, a nutritious and balanced diet is key. Your diet should consist of foods that are balanced and aid in boosting your body’s most basic and important functions. You’ll see and feel the long-lasting benefits from eating right and avoiding those foods that make you age faster.