10 Foods to Target Abdominal Fat

Some resort to surgery in order to target abdominal fat. But we assure you that there are more natural options that can help you target abdominal fat.
10 Foods to Target Abdominal Fat

Last update: 20 March, 2019

Millions of people suffer from abdominal fat. The excess fat on your belly can still bother you, despite your healthy weight. What can you do? Some resort to surgery. However, we assure you that there are more natural options that can help you target abdominal fat. Let’s take a look.

Risks of Abdominal Fat

  • Firstly, your body has an “energy reserve.” This means it uses excess fat to protect you from climate shifts. In addition, it uses this energy for the proper functioning of your organs. However, if this energy is not burnt, it may convert to fatty acids. These can accumulate in your liver and muscle tissue.
  • Fat stored in your stomach area can cause serious health risks. It blocks your arteries, increasing the number of cardiac issues, triglycerides, etc.
  • Studies show men’s waistlines should typically not exceed 102 centimeters. Women’s should typically not exceed 88 centimeters. 

10 Foods that Target Abdominal Fat

In order to target abdominal fat in your waistline, introduce the following foods in your diet daily. More importantly, be especially wary of processed foods and deep fried or greasy foods.

1. Citrus Fruits

Who doesn’t like oranges, lemons, or grapefruit? An amazing source of vitamin C, citrus fruits help your body process fat faster. This also reduces insulin to prevent you from gaining weight. So, how about you include these in your breakfasts and desserts?

2. Melon and Watermelon

They are an amazing fruit with a high content of not only water but also potassium. Potassium allows you to regulate your levels of sodium. Consequently, it can prevent discomfort and characteristic abdominal swelling. Melons are a tasty and cheap option.

3. Walnuts

Try adding walnuts to your salads. Apart from adding taste, they contain Omega-3’s. These help you in various ways. They regulate your stress hormones, like cortisol. This can help prevent fat from accumulating. However, try not to eat too many. Your body may only need as many as 4 walnuts a day, for instance. Wow!

4. Almonds

Experts recommend up to 10 almonds a day. Thanks to their glycemic content, almonds help control sugar and activate your metabolism. In addition, almonds are rich in protein, calcium, fiber, and Omega 3’s. Certainly, all these provide a good dose of energy. Just what you need!

5. Green Coffee

green coffee targets abdominal fat

Green coffee can also target abdominal fat. Its green grounds contain chlorogenic acid. This reduces the absorption of sugar in the gastrointestinal tract. Consequently, it burns accumulated fat. The acid also stimulates metabolic activity of the liver. It helps burn more fat by consequence. Who knew?

6. Oatmeal


Oatmeal is a natural source of fiber and great for breakfast. It can help reduce cholesterol and purify your blood. This is thanks to its essential properties that help target abdominal fat. They also eliminate toxins from the body. Therefore, don’t forget to include oatmeal in your diet!

7. Vegetables High In Fiber

It’s always a good idea to eat a serving of raw vegetables each day. These include carrots, leafy greens, etc. As a result, you can activate your body’s fat-burning systems. In addition, you should include fiber-rich vegetables like spinach and broccoli. Their nutrients help prevent fat accumulating in the intestines.

8. Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries, and Cranberries


These tasty fruits are high in fiber and water. Consequently, they contain very few calories. In addition, thanks to flavonoids, they can help regulate sodium levels. Finally, they have anthocyanins. These are capable of preventing fat and sugar assimilation. You can and should include them in all of your meals. Why not today?

9. Salmon

Salmon is an essential source of Omega-3’s and protein. It activates your metabolism and helps target abdominal fat. If you enjoy eating salmon, you can even eat it twice a day. Yum!

10. Olive Oil

Who doesn’t like to flavor their salads with a few ounces of olive oil? Undoubtedly, olive oil can help boost nutrient absorption and reduce cholesterol. It is also a great ally in targeting abdominal fat. Buy some today!

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