10 Foods for Improving Fertility

· August 10, 2014
Consumption of cold-pressed olive oil improves fertility and triples the likelihood of pregnancy.

Women who are trying to get pregnant can significantly improve their chances by following a diet rich in foods that improve fertility. These 10 foods will resolve any possible deficits of vitamins and minerals that can get in the way for both men and women. In this article, we’ll go over what these foods are and how best to consume them.


This surprising Andean root is a very energizing plant and a powerful endocrine regulator that is often especially recommended for women with different hormone disorders and infertility problems. In addition, it increases libido for both men and women. Women who suffer from arterial hypertension and are not taking anything to counter it should keep in mind that maca can marginally raise your blood pressure. You should also keep in mind that, according to some studies, using maca as a means of increasing fertility can also increase the probability of twins.

Beer yeast

The yeast used to make beer has a number of healthy properties, being a food that is very rich in vitamins and minerals. It boasts a high protein and essential amino acid content, as well as a good amount of B-group vitamins, iron, chrome, zinc (a hormone regulator), and other minerals. In addition, it contains a lot of folic acid, which is indispensable for pregnancy.

Wheat germ

Although wheat germ has many properties, it really stands out for its high Vitamin E levels. A vitamin E deficit can sometimes be the cause of infertility. To ensure this doesn’t happen, you can take a teaspoon of wheat germ each morning with a bit of juice – it usually comes either in powder form or as a virgin oil that is also great when applied directly to the skin.


Bee pollen is recommended to increase fertility especially for men and women who are having trouble. In addition, it also increases libido and energy. Among other nutrients, pollen carries a lot of zinc. We can take 2 tablespoons a day, ground finely for easier digestion.


This delicious fruit is nutritionally excellent. It is also a source of Vitamin E, which increases fertility and improves the functioning of the sexual organs. Some studies have shown that eating avocados can triple the chances of successful pregnancy in fertility treatments and increase egg production.

Avocado can be eaten sweet or salty, as a spread or in chunks, and is a food that is highly recommended especially for people who do not consume a lot of animal protein.

Olive oil

Olive oil, which is often praised for its wonderful properties, also triples the probability of pregnancy, as it improves not only the fertility of women but of men as well. It is an indispensable ingredient in our cooking, but we should always try to make sure that we eat it raw and only buy extra virgin, and if possible consume at least one or two tablespoons per day with meals.


Ginger is a powerful aphrodisiac that for men increases sperm count and improves the mobility of the spermatozoids, although it is also highly recommended for women. It can be prepared as a tea that is delicious with a bit of honey and lemon, or shaved into salads, candied, etc.

Flax oil

Flax oil is rich in Omega 3s, the essential amino acids that are indispensable for good fertility. We should take a spoonful a day, raw, or we can grind the seeds (with a coffee grinder) and add them to salads, soups, rice, smoothies, juices, etc.

Sunflower oil

Sunflower oil has been vastly undervalued against olive oil, but in reality it has a lot of beneficial properties for your health. It is a great source of the valuable Vitamin E. We can combine it with and keep it on rotation with both olive and flax oil, since each of the three have their own benefits to be reaped.


Some studies have shown that eating around two handfuls of nuts per day improves the form, movement, and vitality of men’s sperm, if consumed as prescribed for a period of at least 12 weeks. For men who are overweight, we should lighten the consumption to one handful a day.

Including these ten foods in our daily diets, we can improve our general overall health and significantly increase the possibility of pregnancy.

Images courtesy of Alishan Organic Center and greatist