10-Day Sugar Detox Diet

· January 11, 2017
Although it may be hard at first, the truth is that a diet without sugar can really help improve many of your bodily functions and promote detox

Your body is an engine whose fuel comes from all the food you consume in your diet.

If you ingest large quantities of beneficial products, it will continue to work in good condition. But if you instead choose foods that are bad for your health, it will start to have problems.

Check out this analogy:

  • You have a car that’s in perfect condition. It performs at its best when it’s supplied with diesel fuel.
  • In spite of knowing this, one day you decide to fill up the tank with another type of fuel.
  • All of a sudden the engine starts to have problems and you quickly lose function.

This example is a good way of explaining how your body functions based on the type of food you eat.

If you ask yourself whether you want your most important “vehicle” to be able to transport you around for the rest of your life, the answer should always be a resounding “yes.”

When talking about the food that you regularly consume as part of your diet, it’s important to put a particular emphasis on sugar.

This ingredient is found in a considerable number of foods.

Sugar is one of the most dangerous products in the world. It has been associated with the onset of certain diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease, among others.

That is exactly why we want you to reflect on this product and how important it is to you to consume it wisely.

The Mark Hyman diet


Considering everything we said above, someone had the idea that we should control our sugar levels through what we consume each day.

The intent is to promote detox of the body and rid it of sugar completely.

The person who created this was Dr. Hyman, who called it “the Mark Hyman Diet.”

Its main objective is to promote the opposite effect of a sugar addiction. This will train your body to not be dependent on sugar while eliminating all of the excess.

The following are the 10 main ideas in the Mark Hyman diet, which you can put into practice in as little as 10 days. Try them!

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1. Make sure that you need it

Selecting your diet is one of the most important things you can do as a human being. Modifying it is a complex process, but it’s necessary for the health of your body.

This decision must be made while knowing that you need to detox your body.

2. Make the decision without protocols

As the title indicates, in this step you must stop immediately and not consume even a single gram of sugar.

That refers to everything that can be included into its derivatives, especially sweets and desserts.

3. Diet drinks

Drinks that have high caloric indices are abundant, and people consume them on a fairly regular basis.

This is the case with coffee and sweet tea, sports drinks, soft drinks, and soda, which essentially inject sugar into the body.

These drinks can be more dangerous even than solid foods.

4. Consume protein


Sugar provides the body with energy; however, there are other options that are much more healthy than that. This is the case with protein.

These are considered to be an excellent source of energy and are free from carbohydrates.

It’s a good idea to include foods like eggs, nuts, fish, and chicken in your diet.

5. Carbohydrates, only those present in vegetables

Your body needs a lot of carbohydrates and some vegetables contain them.

That’s why they should be included in your diet for 10 consecutive days, as this is the best way to detox your body.

6. Vegetable fats to fight sugar

Fats from vegetable sources are quite healthy. They don’t generate weight gain, but do contribute to fighting blood sugar levels.

The best option is to include foods like avocado, walnuts, and coconut oil in your diet.

7. Avoid temptation


Your surroundings may be filled with unhealthy foods, sweets, or fast food, and more.

That’s why you should have an emergency snack on hand made of products that are in line with your diet. Any of the foods we’ve described above will do.

8. Control your breathing to fight stress

Before each meal, take at least five slow and deep breaths to modify your body’s metabolism of fats.

This will also relax your body and prevent the production of cortisol.

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9. Avoid inflammatory habits

The problem for some people revolves around their habits. Consuming gluten, dairy products, and smoking are the main causes of inflammation.

When your body presents these symptoms it can lose its balance with respect to the amount of sugar in the bloodstream.

10. Sleep well

When you interrupt those eight minimum hours of sleep it stimulates the hunger hormones. That’s why you crave large amounts of sugar when you first wake up.