The 10 Best Anti-aging Foods

· May 10, 2015

If you follow a balanced diet, you can make sure your body functions at its best. In addition, nourishing your body properly and eating anti-aging foods will make a difference both inside and out – it will look more youthful and fresh.

All bad habits will make your body look older much faster. Consumption of tobacco, alcohol, poor diet, among others, will deteriorate your body gradually. So if you want to look younger for a longer time, read this article where you will learn which are the best foods and habits to achieve it. Anti-aging foods with antioxidant properties are the most important, because they prevent free radical damaging the cells of our body, which means preventing premature aging of tissues.

Which are the foods with antioxidant properties?

The anti-aging foods we will mention in what follows contain large amounts of antioxidants, in addition to having other positive effects for our health – as you will see below. Include them in your diet and enjoy the many benefits they offer, this way you will achieve a healthy body inside and out.



Garlic contains among its ingredients two main elements that are responsible for the health of the body: allicin and diallyl sulfide.

In addition to its antioxidant properties, garlic helps strengthen the immune system and prevent certain types of cancer.


It contains lots of vitamins, cleansing and anti-cancer properties.



They help reduce cholesterol and prevent infections.

Green tea

It protects the heart and reduces body fat.



Their properties are antibiotic and anti-inflammatory effects.


They have diuretic, anti-tumor and purgative effects.



They provide a great number of vitamins, are a mild laxative and prevent some types of cancers.


High in vitamin C, they protect the health of the arteries and therefore the heart.



They are a great source of protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals.


It is high in magnesium, influences the mood in a good way and improves concentration.

All these foods have the ability to prevent the degeneration and death of cells. They fight directly against agents harmful to our body. Although, of course, they can not carry all the responsibility alone. It takes a team effort to get the best results, in this case avoiding premature effects of aging.

A balanced diet should always be accompanied by exercise and good hydration, only in this way the body will be able to function optimally, absorbing nutrients and eliminating waste efficiently. So now you know it, consistency in following these good habits will result in a healthy body with a fresher, more youthful look. And as youth is reflected in the skin most of all, you should remember some tips to take care of it every day.

Avoid overexposure to the sun. Although you don’t go out with intention to tan your skin you have to use solar protection, also on cloudy days. Consult your doctor about the recommended protection factor for your skin type.

Get used to moisturize your skin and never go to sleep with makeup. The creams you use should always be suitable for your skin type. To clean your face use, if possible, specific soaps, the face products are specially formulated to remove impurities without damaging it. You also need to remove the dead cells, so exfoliate the skin of your face and body at least 2 times a month.

Other tips…

Gelatin is another very valid option to maintain a healthy and fresh skin. As the collagen is its main component, is extremely beneficial to look younger for longer time. Hair, nails, muscles and tendons also become empowered when consuming gelatin habitually.

Avoid tobacco, not only that it damages your lungs but it also makes you look older, the skin of your whole body will dry, which will be more evident in the way your face looks. You will be marked by premature wrinkles, even more than nonsmokers. The skin of smokers is not properly oxygenated and this means its nutrition is greatly affected.