10 Aromas that Fight off Mosquitoes

· March 16, 2018
As we continue, we will show you the aromas that will help you kill off mosquitoes to protect you from their bites

We’ve all suffered from mosquito bites, one of the most annoying parts of summer. This is because this type of insect tends to be more common during the summer season because of the high temperatures. That makes it the ideal environment for their reproduction and their expansion all over the place.

Mosquito bites are very annoying.  That’s why we all want to fight off mosquitoes. In this article, we’ll tell you how!

1. Vanilla

fight off mosquitoes

One of the smells that can help to kill mosquitoes is vanilla. To make it effective, you should mix the vanilla with a non-scented baby cream in a 1:10 proportion.

When you have this vanilla essence mixture with baby cream, you should apply it all over your body so that you can scare away and kill the mosquitos.

Another mixture that you should make (vanilla based) is dissolving vanilla in water and spraying it to the parts of the body that you will have exposed.

2. Anise, clove and basil essential oils

Another aroma that helps to scare away and kill mosquitoes is anise, clove and basil essential oils, as well as other herbs.

These essences can be mixed in a proportion of 5 or 10 drops in a glass of water and sprayed onto the skin. It can also be placed around the campfire or on the grill where you’re going to have dinner.

This solution also works in the home since you can place cloth soaked in the mixture on the window. This will keep the mosquitoes from entering the house and will even kill those that come near it.

3. Elderberry branches

Elderberry branches

Next, fresh elderberry branches are ideal for killing mosquitoes.

These branches should be placed in the bedroom. However, you should be careful because they have a very strong smell that can be dangerous for your health and can affect your sleep. That’s why it is necessary to keep them outside during the night.

4. Cloves

Another aroma that helps to fight and kill mosquitoes is the aroma from cloves.

  • It can be mixed in a cup of water with 5 grams of this essence and then boiled for 15 minutes. 
  • When the water is boiling, add 10 drops of the infusion with a spoon and spray it onto the exposed areas of your body.
  • This solution with last for two hours.

5. Juniper branches

Juniper branches

This solution is ideal for camping days since, with just a few branches of juniper in the fire, you can forget about mosquitoes for the entire day.

6. Cedar oil

It is one of the most complete solutions since the cedar oil helps to scare off and kill mosquitoes as well as other insects, like flies and cockroaches.

8. Chamomile


One of the oldest and most effective methods for scaring away and killing mosquitoes is by using chamomile. This is because the dried flowers, stems and leaves of the chamomile plant directly affect these insects.


It does this through their nerve cells, which numb them and keep them from coming near you.

8. Basil Leaves

Basil leaves are very useful in the preparation of different dishes. Plus, they’re very effective when it comes to scaring off and killing mosquitoes.

All you have to do it rub them onto the areas of your body that are exposed. They can also work by being hung up in your bedroom; they will scare away mosquitoes so that you can sleep soundly through the night.

9. Oil, shampoo and vinegar

Oil, shampoo and vinegar

Another one of the most effective remedies for scaring off and killing mosquitoes as well as flies is the mixture of oil, shampoo and vinegar.

  • You should mix these ingredients in equal proportions until you have a white foam.
  • Then, you should apply this mixture to the exposed areas of your body.
  • You can also place the mixture in a container in your house to fight off mosquitoes.